Friday, January 15, 2010

Open Lungs

When my darling friend Somer told me about needing an oxygen concentrator (which helps her breathe... apparently her insurance company, which denied the claim, didn't feel breathing is necessary) I had an inspired thought. The small amount of money that I am able to raise would have a bigger impact if I gave it to actual people with Cystic Fibrosis in addition to funding research for a cure. So I created a Special Edition Red Heart, and attached a pretty hefty price tag to it. I figured I would sell two or three a month, and eventually it would add up to the $3,000 we needed to buy Somer's oxygen concentrator. Twenty-one Red Hearts were purchased in the first 24 hours. Less than two months later, we had raised the entire $3,000. I am constantly amazed by people's generosity.

I am excited to add this new design to my collection! $15 of each sale will be set aside to help someone else with CF breathe a little easier.


Somer Love said...

LOVE you!!!!! and ALL that you do!!!!


Sharon said...


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