Friday, December 19, 2008

A Strategic Plant

I have been going to the post office every two or three days over the last few weeks to mail necklaces across the country, so I have gotten pretty cozy with the people who work at the desk. There is a new guy who is young and seems to be passionate about his job at the post office. When I got to the post office last night there were only a few people in front of me in line, but as I waited more and more people filed in with stacks of packages overflowing their arms. I thought about how that new guy must feel, still a little slow and unsure of the procedures, and facing a huge line of anxious Christmas-infused (for better or worse in some cases)people. Then I noticed that I couldn't really see his face because it was obscured by a rather large potted plant. My personal theory is that he has positioned this plant to strategically block his view of the daunting line. We all need such a plant. Just think- peaceful green leaves partially obscuring the tedious tasks that lay in wait, and lending focus to the present moment.

Or maybe that's just the only place the plant would fit on his desk. Perhaps I'll ask when I go back tonight.