Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've been in quite a mood over turning 30 today (sorry Somer!). I didn't say I have been in a bad mood-- just a mood. I haven't been sure how to feel about it.

My cute husband took me out for dinner tonight (where I tried sushi for the first time. Just a CA roll-- but please don't take this tiny victory away from me!) When we returned to my sister's house to pick up the baby, she informed me that I was snippy during a phone conversation earlier that day. I came to the profound conclusion that I must have been feeling bad about the whole ordeal. Then she produced Eclairs from Dick's Market and I instantly felt better. After she stuck some candles in my eclairs, and spent a theatrically long time lighting them, it came time to make a wish.

"I don't know what to wish for!" I said, panicking slightly about all the wax sheeting onto the world-famous chocolate frosting. For so much of my life I have always had desperate wishes on the tip of my tongue.

My sister was just as surprised as I was. "Really?" she asked. "You don't need anything?"


"Well then-- hooray for having no wish! Blow those candles out!"


Natalie said...

Really? No sushi until just now? That's so foreign to me! Ahi (tuna) sushi was my first solid food.

I'm so proud of you! Way to try a roll! Next stop, saba!

Somer Love said...

Yay for a CA roll notice I didn't say sushi.... Ill take it tho!

You are so going with me one of these days!

It's ok about the mood! I think it was fixed by Fri night :)