Friday, April 10, 2009

Lissa Needs...

As per Maren's suggestion, I thought I would ask google what I need. I typed "lissa needs" into google and then reported the first few hits here.

Lissa needs an injection of SOMETHING... you mean there's an injection to cure insanity?

needs one to hand to someone and never has a stash.

Lissa hasn't written any blogs

Lissa needs an oxygen tank. A HUGE one.

lissa needs the sun.

Funny thing is, I must have left the oxygen tank for my torch open a bit, because it is flat empty. Lissa does need an oxygen tank... but only a medium one.


Somer Love said...

I don't get this?

you can borrow a tank of my O2 ;)

Lissa said...

You type in "(your name) needs" in google.

I have a tank of O2 hooked up to the torch in my basement-- but thanks ;)