Thursday, June 18, 2009

Caution: poop story (it had to happen eventually... this is 33.3% mommy blog)

"Did you poop?" I asked Rosie.

"No!" scamper scamper scamper.

But she totally did. She went in the bathroom and shut the door and everything. If only she would sit on the potty instead of costing me .30 cents every time she craps life would be easier to deal with right now. I have always been afraid of potty training, but much like a 42 week pregnant lady who may have once been afraid to give birth, I say - let's do this now!!

Anywho, there I am holding Rosie's feet in one hand, and wiping her poopy bum with the other. I was mentally chanting, "don't puke, don't puke," since I wouldn't have a hand free to catch it and would have ended up with a much bigger mess. I glanced at the wall cube which holds the world's Most Random Collection of Stuff, but occasionally also holds diapers, to find that it was bare. There were none in the drawer. The diaper bag. The stroller. No. Diapers.

It was then that the poo smell overwhelmed my tender gag reflex. I didn't actually puke since my teeth hurt too much to chew food, so there was nothing to come up, but yucky heaves shook my body.

Rosie said, "bwess you mommy."

Feeling (almost) instantly better I snatched a swim diaper from the closet and declared the problem solved.

Rosie with her friends Eli and Emerson Ashton


Natalie said...

I was seriously considering pulling the goalie...Now I am running for the hills. So...not...ready.

Lissa said...

Don't let a little poop hold you back ;) You'll never feel ready for that!

Let me impart some wisdom from our own Nate Grigg. Let's just say that he was less than excited about changing diapers. But after catching sight of his new daughter he was more than willing to "help her out" because she couldn't do it herself.

Pardon the cliche, but everything changes when you have kids, and even things you think you don't want to do are somehow fine.

Somer Love said...

I knew you would succumb to the poop :)

Lissa said...

to be fair, Somer, I wasn't discussing color and texture with vigor ;) I believe that I have maintained at all times the general grossness of this story.