Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me and My Crackpot Ideas

I have a crazy theory.

My arms bothered me for the whole month of January. I thought wistfully back to December when my arms were peaceful and dare I say, nearly pain free, and wondered what had changed.

I wasn't even making much jewelry, so my hands were getting a nice rest. What happened?! Such is the life of some one with Chronic Pain, am I right? The insanity of searching for the cause of the latest pain flare can even get fairly amusing. So imagine how heartily I laughed when I sat down at my work bench yesterday to do a little carving and discovered an amazing idea. You see, I use a Flex Shaft-- which is a motor with a hand piece that spins various tools like a drill bit, or a bur. After a good session of carving the clay for my jewelry, my whole body is energized, for lack of a better word. I think the vibration encourages blood flow, and acts as a giant tens unit, or chord stimulator. Maybe it overwhelms my nerves with white noise, because after a solid 45 minutes I can't feel much of anything in my upper body.

My arms feel great today. It just goes to show, if you do what you love, unexpected benefits will follow.


Somer Love said...

perhaps you need to borrow my vest....