Friday, February 13, 2009


I make lots of jewelry from silver clay, and I haven't always been successful with my creations. I have kept a growing collection of dried up little mistakes in a baby jar for a few years now. I had read that it is possible to reconstitute silver clay, and I had even tried a few times with no success. But this time, my friends, I was desperate.

Normally I order my clay off the internet so I can save a few dollars, but it always takes almost a week to get here. I had lots of clay, until a rash of orders for my heart themed jewelry came through this week. A few days ago I got the sweetest email from a lady who had just lost a friend to CF. She ordered 3 necklaces to wear in his honor. I was so touched that I could be involved in her life in this way. But I was one pendant short of filling her order, and my clay wouldn't be here until Wednesday.

I went to the only store in town that sells my clay and found that the shelves were bare. The aging hippie with long grey hair who runs the store was unapologetic. I was on my own. When I got home, just on a whim I poured distilled water into the baby jar full of mistakes, and let it sit overnight.

Next day I found a jar full of mush and started stirring. I stirred and worked the mush for hours. I spread it out on a plate and turned it over and over like putty. Finally it turned into a sticky ball. Then I rolled it in my hands until it turned into clay again! I feel like I have created something from nothing, although physics would disagree. Being an artist often means pretending to know what you're doing and trying new things. Sometimes it doesn't work out- see previous post... and sometimes you feel like you have brought something entirely new into existence and it is thrilling.


Somer Love said...

YAY!!! Awesome NEws!